After beginning her first job as a Data Entry Operator, Amita Vadlamudi completed her long Information Technology career as a Computer Systems Engineer. Vadlamudi devoted much of her attention to IBM mainframes and to Unix Systems. Possessing a diverse knowledge of operating and network systems, she assisted with the enhancement of TCP/IP networks, and the development of FTP transmission scripts. While augmenting MVS’s component JES3, Amita Vadlamudi developed thorough familiarity with Computer Associates’ Job scheduling and management products CA7, CA11 and JCLCHECK.

Amita Vadlamudi possesses in-depth knowledge and experience with coding programs in a variety of languages, including COBOL, Shell Scripting, PL1, and C/370. In order to keep up with the ever-changing industry, she gained exposure to HTML, Perl, JavaScript, and other program languages through courses at a local community college. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from St. Peter’s College in Jersey City, New Jersey.

In order to help the people in her community, Amita Vadlamudi volunteered as a grocery shopper for a number of years and continues to act as an “adopt-a-shelf “ volunteer at the local library. She has donated to such charitable organizations as CARE, the American Red Cross, UNICEF, PBS, and NPR. Always seeking ways to improve, Ms. Vadlamudi learned basic home maintenance, auto repair, and plumbing skills through technical and vocational training. She also participated as a member of the public speaking organization Toastmasters International for several years.

Ms. Vadlamudi tries to maintain good health by going to the gym and swimming on a regular basis. Additionally, she spends some of her free time hiking and enjoying the outdoors.